Evolution of Badminton

28 June 2020 13:25

A game that originated roughly 2000 years ago in India, China and Greece was played under the name of battledore and shuttlecock. Now, it is popularly known as Badminton. The name Badminton came around to be because of the Badminton House in Gloucestershire, home of Duke of Beaufort, where it was commonly played. The Badminton Association of England (BAE), the earliest committee, published the rules of the game in 1893. The BAE launched the first ever Badminton tournament, the All England Open Badminton Championship for men’s doubles, ladies’ doubles and mixed doubles in 1899. The Badminton World Federation (BWF), earlier known as International Badminton Federation, supervises international badminton.

Health Benefits of Badminton

23 June 2020 13:25

Badminton as a sport is a rigorous sport, that requires agility and focus. Sharp movements and quick thinking form the very basis of this sport. The health benefits of badminton are not restricted to just your body but also include your mind. To start with, badminton helps in maintaining a good physique and strength, stay flexible and improves the metabolism rate. The increased blood circulation in the body means that it strengthens the heart muscles to pump blood more profusely, leading to a healthy heart and improved lung functioning.

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