Our state-of-the-art academy, houses 10 spectacular courts. When you walk in and see the courts stretched out in front you, denying the urge to pick up a racket yourself is next to impossible. In addition, we have a viewing gallery for the audience to cheer on the players during tournaments.


Our trained coaches provide the best training to help reach the pedestal of a state, national and international level athlete. Champions in their field, Mr. U Vinod Kumar and Mr. Sanjeev Katti along with their teams train the senior, elite and sub-junior, junior categories respectively. More details here.


Our establishment eagerly welcomes Badminton enthusiasts. Be it starting off your day with a boost of energy or unwinding after a long day at work, a Selenite membership helps you to improve your skills, works as an excellent stress buster and also helps in expanding your social circle.

Hourly Bookings (Pay and Play)

Our courts are available for hourly bookings, for you to drop by and utilize Selenite’s world class facilities. Bookings can be made through PlayO and Sportido.


Competition boosts performance. In that spirit, Selenite hosts various tournaments to encourage athletes to put their best foot forward and to get a feel of professional tournaments. Our courts are also open to bookings for privately held tournaments, for a day filled with fun. Selenite has hosted state level tournaments in the past and plans to host many more state and national level tournaments.


Along with technique and stamina; strength building is equally important to be an all rounded player. Our gym, specifically designed to cater to the requirements of athletes, does just that.

Pro Shop

Your one stop shop for all the equipment that you will require. From grips to racket stringing, this store has everything you will need to arm yourself to play your absolute best.


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